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Rocky o\' Reillys



+420 222231060

Štěpánská 620/32
110 00 Praha

Prague > New Town

Categories: Restaurants

Rocky o´ Reillys opened on 09 July 2001 and instantly established itself as a favourite for local people and the foreign community bringing a unique Irish atmosphere and sense of fun to the centre of the historical old city of Prague.

The interior design of Rocky o´ Reillys represents a mixture of the different styles of pubs in Ireland:

the long dark wooden bar typical of a Dublin city pub, the real log fire always found in a rural country

pub, the absolutely authentic Irish cobblestone village street, the thatched cottages and the many

more features throughout this pub make Rocky o´ Reillys one of Europe's top Irish pubs.

So whether you are enjoying a glass of wine by the fire, or a beer at the bar, or some typical Irish

food, remember there are no strangers in Rocky o´ Reillys only friends who have not met yet.

Thank you for your visit.

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