Old Town Square

  • In Front Of The Town Hall - Old Town Square - Old Town

  • Christmas Markets 2011 - Old Town Square - Old Town

  • Sewer under the city hall - Old Town Square - Old Town

  • View from above - Old Town Square - Old Town

  • Evening - Old Town Square - Old Town

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Being Prague's heart since the 10th century and its main market place until the beginning of the 20th century, the spacious 1.7 hectare Old Town Square has been the scene of great events, both glorious and tragic. There are beautiful pastel-coloured buildings of Romanesque or Gothic origin with fascinating house signs. Some of the most prominent examples include the Kinský Palace, the House of the Stone Bell and the Štorch House. Today, the Old Town Square offers visitors a tourist information office, number of restaurants, cafés, shops and galleries.

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