Almost nothing has remained of the original 13th century castle and its parts reconstructed later in neo-Gothic style. Of the interior reconstructions carried out after extensive rebuilding work at the end of the 16th century, only several ground-floor rooms have been preserved; prominent among them is a vaulted hall with a central sandstone pillar in the form of a tree with the branches cut off. The Šternberk star is hewn in the portal of the southern wall. Still extant is part of the fortifications of the town and the castle, especially the northern and western walls with bastions and gates. Of the southern part of the fortifications, a massive tower - called the Devil´s Tower - still stands, and under it on a rock above the Lužnice river a round tower, called Kohoutek (Little Rooster) or Katovna (The Executioner´s House). The most extensive reconstruction was carried out at Bechyně Castle under Petr Vok of Rožmberk. In the 1670´s, renovation work was started in the buildings of the old castle, and its new part, the so-called New Castle, was built. North of the castle, a Renaissance chateau was built by the Italian architect Baldassare Maggi. The paiting work was done by Gabriel de Blonde, Vilém Jelínek and Bartoloměj Jelínek, the stucco decorations are by Antonio Melana.