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The region of Broumov is geographically and historically a distinctive region with a wild and poetic landscape. For many centuries this region was once a very important cultural center enriched by artistic monuments and edifices, which were built during the administration of the Benedictine monks. A harmonious, aesthetic and ecological society emerged that made this region quite significant. The landscape of this region is quite diverse; there are mountains, valleys and bizarre rock formations and also mosaics of forestland, meadows and grassland. The region's unique location with its picturesque landscape, the beautiful architecture found in the churches and also folk monuments are only part of what makes this area exceptional. It is the "genius loci"- the spirit of this place - that makes Broumovsko an enchanting region.This region of Broumov is especially noted for its beautiful nature. Adraspach- Teplice is the largest and wildest rock town in Central Europe, covering an area of 19 sq. km. Also striking but not as prominent are the sandstone formations known as The Broumov Walls.Next information: