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Legend has it that Dětenice was established under the reign of the Přemysl-era Prince Oldřich during the first half of the 11th century. Oldřich used to hunt in the deep forests here with his entourage and once came across some lost and abandoned children. Given the fact that Oldřich was a noble man, he took charge of the children, had a village built for them, and named it Dětenice in their honour (the word "dětí" in Czech means "children"). Builder Emanuel Řehák then bought the chateau in 1927 and it was he who returned the Dětenice demesne to prosperity, even allowing the public access to part of the chateau under the First Republic of that time. Unfortunately for Řehák and the chateau alike, the year 1948 came along. Řehák and his wife were given a one-roomed apartment in Kladno and the chateau and its valuable collections were for the main part looted. The comrades then set up a horticultural school for girls at the chateau, but for fear of the negative influence of this feudal or bourgeois throwback on the young gardeners, the friends of the Soviet Union rather had the chateau transformed into a special boarding school, which was commonly known as "pasťák" (a "juvie" school). Thankfully, along came the year 1998, when the devastated chateau was bought over by the Ondráčeks. Careful and extensive reconstruction work followed, the likes of which has no equal among Czech chateaux. Dětenice Chateau was then opened to the public on the threshold of the third millennium. As to how far they succeeded in this reconstruction you can judge for yourselves on your visit to this jewel in the crown of chateaux. Information: .