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Zlin Region

Categories: UNESCO World Heritage

Region: East Moravia

Kroměříž is located in Central Moravia at the edge of the lowlands called Hana. Kromeriz is sometimes called "Hanak's Athens. It is a city of monuments, art and culture. The largest monument is Archbishops castle, whose tower the greet everyone, whether coming into town from north south east or west. Castle, former residence of the Archbishops of Olomouc, Flower and Chateau garden are registered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. There is a rare collection of paintings of European masters 15 to 18 century in Kromeříž Castle Picture Gallery, the second most valuable set of images in the Czech Republic and one of the leading in Europe. Development of the city greatly influenced the year 1848, which was transferred session of the Imperial Diet, responsible for processing the constitution for all nations in the Habsburg monarchy. Just in Kromeriz first publicly voiced the words "all power comes from the people of the State. Meetings of council played an important role in the efforts of nations to self-determination and the development of democracy throughout Europe.

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