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has somewhat come nearer to the town,when the city forts and walls were torn downand the houses built instead reachedthe Libosad. The design and lay out were drawn up by Anton Arche, the implementation took place in the years 1840 - 1845. The Libosad is another work of extraordinary value. Without any attempts to violate or modify the original layoutof the early-Baroque Libosad, its side parts were supplemented with another buildings, namely:the tropical stove, cold greenhouse, residential and administration buildings.This quasi-quadrangle created a yard inside giving to the Libosad and Rotunda standingin its centre. The entrance was emphasisedwith a portal embedded into a shallow three-axis buttress. The buttress is capped with a triangle tympanum carrying the gilted Archbishop's indicium. The yard is fitted with garden furniture made from cast-iron in the Archbishop's ironworks factory in Frýdlant. The vases furnished with the Archbishop's indicium and benchesin the secondary rococo style all look smartand modern coated with white colour.LIBOSAD or FLOWER GARDENis an axially-oriented late-Renaissance or, as a matter of fact, manneristic garden, foundedin 1665 on the oblong rectangular platformwith dimensions 300 m x 485 m.The front gate verges into the extraordinary long and monumental gallery, called collonade.224 m in length forms the phenomenal shapeof the architectural element. The ground platform of Libosad was interlaced with a complex water distribution system supplying the ponds, fountains, the lake by the aviary, waterworks,and the sophisticated machinery-like unit called the "water-jests" located in the interior of the central Rotunda. The axis of Libosad is stretched from the front gate, across the Rotunda to the skittleground equipped with the water-jest as well. Along the main axis line there were the mazes and rectangular ponds stocked with carp and trout fries. Further on, the axis runs over two artificial HUMMOCKS called the Strawberry Hills, the popular composition elements. The occurrence of these dates back to the antique gardens, e.g. the Chorsabad Garden. The then hummocks already had summer-houses, which was also the case in Kromeriz. Another stageof the axis were the amusement facilities of the garden.