Whether you approach from any side, ancient city of Mikulov will always welcome you with a unique panorama of the silhouette of the castle, Holy Hill and Goat castle. The main feature of the town is the baroque castle where you can find Regional Museum. Historic town center was declared as an urban conservation area in 1952. You can not overlook the Renaissance sgraffito Knights' House on the square, the monumental Baroque Holy Trinity and Dietrichstein tomb, which was completely open to the public. Jewish nature trail will take you through the former Jewish neighborhoods around Upper synagogues accessible to one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic. The greatest advantages Mikulov include the ability to link trips for knowledge with an active holiday and relaxation. You can findProtected Landscape Area Pálava registered on the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves. Other natural wonders include: Hill Turold with Turoldu Caves with a unique karst decoration,Holy Hill with Way of the Cross and the pilgrimage church of St. Sebastian and Goat Castle, which will offer you a beautiful view of the city. Mikulov is also called the Capital of Culture. Mikulov offers a wide range of social and cultural events, add diversity lives the year of citizens and visitors all year around. The biggest cultural event is traditional wine celebration "Pálavské vintage"and it is always held in Mikulov the second weekend in September