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Everybody loves fairy-tales, and almost every fairy-tale has some form of ghostly character – and if not, then it is easy to make one up. Visitors to Ostrava can step into the realm of elves and fairies at the Fairy-Tale Ghost Cellar, on the site of the Černá louka Exhibition Centre in the heart of the city.

This gateway to the underground world of ghosts and bogeymen, sited in historical cellars dating back 150 years, was first opened to the public in 2000. The Cellar covers an area of 150 square metres and includes five chambers – a spider room, hell, a pirates’ island, the industrial ghost chamber, and the fairy-tale kingdom. Visitors will also enjoy the haunted forest, the ice chamber, the walk-through belly of a huge dragon, and a corridor festooned with bats, leading to a dwarves’ cave where Snow White sleeps so deeply…