Turkov Site Of Natural Interest

The Turkov Site of Natural Interest straddles the territories of three municipal districts – Třebovice, Martinov and Poruba. The original alluvial forest by the Opava river is not subject to regular flooding because it is separated from the river by a railway track and the watercourse is regulated within the city boundaries.

Turkov has an aristocratic past, once forming part of the Třebovice estates. Nearby, in the centre of Třebovice, stood a chateau with a small park. Unfortunately, the chateau was demolished after the Second World War, but the park still exists and is beautifully kept, with several trees of historical interest. Swamp alder woodlands have gradually taken root in the ponds, where at the end of spring the landscape is lit up with yellow iris flowers. Turkov also represents an important habitat for insects, birds and some species of mammals.


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