Moravian-silesian Region Ostrava Parish Church Of St Catherine The Virgin And Martyr

“The church was built by the people of Hrabová from wood, and was built so solidly that it still stands here today as a rare document of the traditional Czech craft of building in wood. The fact that it has been well maintained shows the sense of order so dear to the local people and the calm stability of the village’s history.” These words, taken from the Hrabová chronicle, are unfortunately no longer true. After a fire in April 2002, this important example of local folk architecture – one of the gems of the Moravian-Silesian Region – was almost completely destroyed. All that remained were parts of the presbytery and sacristy. The bell, cast in 1660, melted in the heat from the fire, fell to the ground and shattered. Standing on the site today is a mere replica, nevertheless it is still a structure of great beauty.