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Ostrava’s main central square. In the city’s early history the square was lined by low wooden burghers’ houses, which were replaced in the 19th century by grand brick buildings. The main landmark of the square is the Old City Hall, which today houses the Ostrava City Museum. The square is enhanced by a Marian plague column by Johannes Hyacinth Zelander dating from 1702.

The square is paved with granite slabs in three colours and with marble paving stones, which when viewed from above resemble a fringed Persian carpet. The paving also includes 30 brass plaques commemorating the most important milestones in the city’s history. A particularly attractive feature of the square is the walk-through fountain, which shoots five jets of water up to a height of 2.5 metres and is beautifully illuminated after dark. The fountain marks the hour to the accompaniment of a peal of bells from the tower of the nearby Museum.