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Square 11437

This square is dominated by the New City Hall, a functionalist structure with a slim, tall tower. The building dates from 1925-1930 and is the largest city hall in the Czech Republic. Most of the credit for the building goes to the first Czech mayor of Ostrava, Jan Prokeš, after whom the square was named. During the Nazi occupation, the square bore the name of the German Führer. For many years during the communist era it was known as the Square of the October Revolution, however after the fall of the regime the square returned to its original name.

In 1999 a status of Icarus by František Štork was installed in the centre of the square, symbolizing the many rises and falls of the city of Ostrava throughout its history. It is the third largest bronze statue in the country. Standing on a granite plinth with a fountain, it weighs 7 tonnes and is 3.5 metres high.