The House of Arts – one of the two buildings belonging to the Ostrava Gallery of Fine Arts (the other being the New Hall in Poruba) – is one of the city’s architectural gems. 1923 saw the foundation of the ‘Association to Construct and Maintain an Exhibition Pavilion’, which provided the impetus for the construction of a permanent city-centre art gallery according to a design by the architects František Fiala Jr. and Vladimír Wallenfels.

The progressive purism of the building is accentuated by its large surfaces of bare brickwork. The gallery made use of intelligent solutions that were ground-breaking at the time – such as the lighting system in the large halls, which allows natural daylight to illuminate the collections and still functions perfectly today.

Although a large number of small, mainly privately owned galleries and exhibition spaces sprung up in Ostrava during the 1990s, the Art Gallery is still the only gallery in the city to be actively involved in building its own collection. The smaller galleries hold numerous events complementing the exhibitions held in the Art Gallery.