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The town Pisek is situated on the Otava River about 100 km south of Prague. This territory was already inhabited in the Bronze Age.Celts, Germans and Slavs eventually settled here. Pisek was named after a sand in the river from which they paned gold. The first written mention of Pisek is in latin written charter of King Wenceslas I. from 1243. The founder of the real city was his son Premysl Otakar II., who built royal castle, Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, a dominican monastery with the Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, a stone bridge and the walls, in the second half of the 13th century . In the 14th century the city became rich, since won a number of privileges. In 1419, Pisek became a Hussite town and people formed a free City State (abandoned 1452). Besides the series of fires that hit the city, the biggest disaster happened in the September 30th, 1620, when Pisek and its people, with the exception of children, women and thirteen men hidden under the weir were massacred by the imperial army.