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Písek was granted the privilege of brewing beer in the 14th century. The Malt House was built nearby older brewery by the Burghers with the Brewing Right in 1862 – 64 when the last royal castle tower crashed down here. The Malt House was extended in the 1880s and no construction work has been done since then. During World War II, grain for the German army was stocked here and the Russian soldiers were quartered in the house after the liberation. The building served for the malt production until 1973, it supplied the Písek brewery (closed in 1952) and Protivín brewery. Later the premises were used as a textile store. In 1995 the town of Písek took over the building and arranged its reconstruction in 2000 – 2007, further repair including the malt technologies is being planned.

Sladovna is a cultural facility aimed at children’s visitors. Two permanent exhibitions are installed here – “Radek Pilař Exhibition” (a native of Písek) and multimedial “In the Footsteps of Illustration” focused on the history of children’s book illustration. The Sladovna offers five showrooms devoted to itinerant exhibitions. Various workshops, concerts, theatre performance etc. take place here.