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A part of the town on the right bank of the Otava River between the Putim Gate and the Stone Bridge is called Under the Cliff according to the cliff that dominates the river here. There from the way rises to the former Putim Gate. In front of it, there is a bastion with the yellow-blue Písek flag on the top and behind it under a bridge there is a Gothic moat which used to be a part of the medieval fortification and served also as a tail water-course, nowadays it is a place for relaxation. Down by the river one can find a swimming stadium of 1983 with two indoor basins (25 m and one for kids) and two outdoor pools and a paddling pool which are in operation in summer. Further along the stream there used to stand a grain mill that was turned into a water power plant after its reconstruction at the end of the 19th century. Písek was the first Czech town with uninterrupted electric street lighting, starting from 1887.