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nám. Hynka Kličky 293261 01 Příbram VI - Březové Hory

The Mining Museum Příbram at Březové Hory was found in 1886 and it is the biggest mining museum in the Czech Republic. The expositions which are set into the former operating and office buildings provide the visitors with rich mining history of the Příbram Region in three tours. The Ševčin Mine was opened in 1813 on the place of the mediaeval pit dated back to the 16th century.

The Vojtěch Mine was founded in 1779 and the Anna Mine in 1789. On the tour the visitors can take a little mining train on the surface between the Ševčin and the Vojtěch Mine or they can use another little mining train under the surface in the Prokop Shaft to get to the head of the Prokop Mine which is 1600m deep.

They can also enjoy going down in a mining lift and get to the historical underground of the Anna and Vojtěch Shafts opened between the 16th and 18th centuries. Walking along the 330m long Anna Water Tunnel, dated back to the 18th century. Historical mining steam engines at the Anna and Vojtěch Shafts are the most valuable exhibits in the museum. The water wheel, which was constructed and placed into the Drkolnov Mine, belongs to the world unique relics. Mining folklore is represented by an original mining cottage built in the 17th century. Mineralogical and geological collections are presented on the tour of the museum as well.