The Palazzo dei Priori is situated in Piazza del Comune, political and cultural center of the city of Assisi. The building dates from the mid fourteenth century, even if the construction of the building began in the 1275 with the merger of three existing buildings. In the fifteenth century was damaged due to local wars the city, and in 1442 the troops of Niccolò Piccinino destroyed it almost entirely. The building was restored in 1493 by Pope Sixtus IV and the Cardinals Orsini and Savelli and expanded further to include the Monte di Pietà and the apostolic residence of the governor. Since 1330 the Priors lived at the first floor, while the shops were located at ground floor. Along the external wall it can be seen several cote of arms dated the second half of the fifteenth century. During a major restoration in 1927 the original Guelph battlements was added to the oldest part of the building. On the ground floor, visible from the square, there is the beautiful Pinta vault, decorated in 1556 with grotesques images.