Italy Milan Porta Sempione

The Peace Arch is a monument located in the center of Piazza Sempione. It was started in 1807 by Luigi Cagnola under the pressure of the city of Milan and of Napoleon. When the work was nearly completed, including several statues such as History and Poetry, by Luigi Acquisti, the project was abandoned due to the fall of the Kingdom of Italy. In 1826, the Habsburg Emperor Franz I of Austria resumed the work and dedicated the arch to the peace which brought together the different European countries in 1815. In 1833, after the death of Louis Cagnola, the work went to Francesco Londonio and Francesco Peverelli, who completed it in 1838, just in time for the opening ceremony participated Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria and king of Lombardy and Veneto. On 8 June 1859, four days after the victory of Magenta, Napoleon III and Vittorio Emanuele II made ​​their triumphal entry into Milan. The monument, is made of Crevola marble, and is 25 meters high and 24 wide.