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Castello Manfredonico 0.04 km

The construction of the castle was begun by Manfredi III Chiaramonte, a descendant of Charlemagne, after having obtained the Lordship of Castronovo and Mussomeli. In 1374 the building was finished and that year hosted the King Frederick III, King of Sicily. After a series of events and continuous changes of ownership, the castle became property of Don Cesare Lanza. At the beginning of the 600 Lanza Ottavio, son of Don Caesar, decides to leave the castle that first becomes a prison, and after it is abandoned. In the early 900 the Kaiser Wilhelm II Hohenzollern visit the castle, and then the Prince of Trabia assign the restoration to the architect Ernesto Armò that led to the current version. The castle, located two kilometers from Mussomeli, is built on a limestone cliff at a height of 80 meters.