Italy Perugia Chapel of San Severo

Next to the Church of San Severo there is a chapel where there is the only fresco made by Raffaello existing in Perugia, depicting a trinity. The fresco, painted by Perugino and Raffaello between 1505-1507 and 1521, is divided into two parts: the upper area is the work of Raffaello who painted the Trinity and St. Maurus, Placid and Abbott Benedict (left), Romuald, Benedict martyr and John martyr (right). At the bottom left of the altar, there is an inscription of the prior client and the date MDX. At the center of the wall is located in a niche, a Madonna and child in colorful pottery of the late '400. On its sides, six saints painted by Perugino in 1521: on the left, the Saints Scolastica, Jerome and John the Evangelist on the right the Saints Gregory the Great, Boniface and Martha.