Italy Piacenza Gothic Town Hall

Built in the thirteenth-century Piazza Cavalli, the Town Hall is surely one of the emblems of Piacenza. Also called Gothic, this historic building was built in 1281 by Alberto Scoto on a project made by local artisans. According to the original plan, the plant should have been squared, but because of a plague, the work did stop and, finally, only the northern side was built. In the classic style of Lombard broletto, the Town Hall has a central big tower and two small towers, Ghibelline battlements and the frame punctuated by arches. Important example of medieval architecture, it is decorated in the lower elevation with pink marble and terra cotta on the upper with geometric decorations in the upper one: on the marble base features a portico with five gothic arches joined at the first floor by arches and beautiful three-light windows. The shorter side is made of just three arches. Today the main Town hall hosts conferences, cultural events and exhibitions.