Italy Rome Hotel Raphaël

It's a 5-star luxury hotel near Piazza Navona and a few steps from the Pantheon, Spanish Steps and St. Peter's Basilica. Among its most famous guests Mr. Bettino Craxi, head of the Italian government and secretary of the Italian Socialist Party. On April 30, 1993 in front of the hotel took the most famous 'launch of coins' in the history of the Italian Republic. The day before the Parliament rejected four authorizations to proceed against Craxi, who had recently resigned as secretary of the PSI and had made ​​a speech to the Parliament accusing the other parties to share equal responsibility for the illegal funding. Then came the day after large street protests, mainly organized by opposition parties, and some of those protesters stationed outside the hotel Raphael in Rome, where Mr. Craxi routinely worked, waiting for his exit. When Mr. Craxi did exit from the main door of the hotel, the protesters threw everything into his car. Above all, coins and 1000 liras banknotes.