Isola Bella is a small island opposite the town of Taormina. The name was created by the German Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, which spread throughout the world the artistic value of the island. Donated in 1806 by Ferdinand I of Bourbon to the mayor of Taormina, was acquired in 1890 by Lady Florence Trevelyan, grandson of Queen Victoria and wife of the mayor of Taormina Cacciola. In 1954 it was bought by Busurgi who built a splendid residence. In 1984 the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage declared the island a monument of historical and artistic interest of particular value, subjecting constraints of protection. The decree regarded the island as a "natural monument". In 1990 the island was purchased by the Department of Cultural Heritage. In 1998 he established a nature reserve run by the WWF, and recently passed in the Province of Messina management.