Italy Verona Castelvecchio

Originally known as Castello di San Martino in Aquaro assumed its actual name after the construction of Castelvecchio of the Visconti Castle of St. Peter. The castle was often used as a fortress, under Venetian rule was intended as a dockyard and garrison, during Napoleon's occupation the structure was modified and the body of the building along the river was built, under the Austrians were used as barracks for the troops of occupation. In 1923 it became a museum, home of the civic art collections, until then housed in Palazzo Pompei. In 1943 he hosted the 'Process of Verona' in which the leaders which had set down Mussolini were sentenced to death, and before the end of the second world war it was damaged by Allied bombing. From 1958 to 1964 Castelvecchio was restored and the original structures were made free wherever possible, removing the additions made in successive layers.