Italy Verona Domus Mercatorum

Located in the heart of Verona, the Domus Mercatorum is a medieval building that Prince Albert I of La Scala built in 1301 as a place where the guilds and trades could meet to trade and discuss the various aspects of economic life of the city. In middle age, when Verona was ruled by an alliance of wealthy merchants, clergy and aristocracy, the Corporations arts and crafts occupied a major role in city life and, due to their importance, the Scala family, a family of wealthy merchants, came to power and created the first dominion of the city. Expanded and consolidated by the successors of Alberto Cangrande and Cansignorio, during the centuries the Domus Mercatorum has undergone several renovations to adapt it to various different uses, the most recentof which is the Chamber of Commerce of Verona. At the end of the nineteenth century the building was restored, with the completion of the swallow-tail battlements Ghibellines, to a medieval look very characteristic. However, with its elegant portico supported by columns and pillars, the characteristic red brick masonry with brick and fine mullioned windows that adorn the main floor, it is now one of the architectural elements that most characterize the Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient heart of city ​​of Verona.