Italy Verona Juliet's house

A few meters from Piazza delle Erbe, stands the house where, according to tradition, lived Juliet Capulet. An impressive wrought iron gate on which stands the emblem of the Dal Cappello separates it from the street entrance. It leads to a courtyard that welcomes visitors eager to know the places of eternal love. In it there is the magnificent bronze statue of Juliet, created by sculptor Nereo Costantini, and a plaque on which are some verses of Shakespeare's tragedy. The house is a thirteenth-century medieval building, whose brick facade is softened by elegant trefoil windows. In front stands the famous balcony from which, according to tradition, Juliet looked out to speak with Romeo. It is a fine example of Roman insula, structured spaces interior courtyard with steps and porches to the street. Arranged on different floors, offers a reconstruction of the typical house of the fourteenth century, enhanced by a rich selection of medieval ceramics. Thanks to the restoration of the interiors created in 1935 by Antonio Avena is now possible to appreciate the refined elegance of the frescoes that adorn the walls in which stand in their austere simplicity, carved chests, brick fireplaces, wooden staircases with balustrades and walkways.