Italy Verona Ponte Scaligero

Scaliger Bridge, also called Castelvecchio Bridge, is a magnificent example of fourteenth-century military engineering, starting from the Torre del Mastio, in the center of the complex of Castelvecchio. This is a three-arched bridge, fortified with battlements, which integrates the defensive system of the medieval castle. Built in 1355 by Cangrande della Scala, lord of Verona, was originally only accessible from the courtyard of the castle, and due to the military use of castle by Austrian during their domination, the pedestrian traffic was allowed only after 1870, when a new gate was opened near the Clock Tower. It was designed by William Bevilacqua with the use of bricks and white stone, which together offer a unique and spectacular pictorial effect. It was blown up by German soldiers on the run in April 1945 but was rebuilt with absolute fidelity by using only the original stones and bricks, saved from the river bed.