Italy Verona Santa Anastasia

The Basilica of St. Anastasia is the biggest church in Verona and the most important Gothic monument in the city. Work on the building began in 1290 and continued for nearly two centuries, until the consecration took place in 1471. The brick façade is divided vertically into three sections that correspond to the inner aisles. The portal is decorated with paintings and sculptures, divided into two sections topped by five arches supported by columns made ​​of ornamental marble. In the lunettes are visible frescoes depicting the Holy Trinity of the '400, and the arrival of the Dominicans in Verona; the lintel is decorated with sculptures of the life of Christ, flanked by two side niches, with St. Catherine and St. Anastasia. Note the fine marble friezes with cherubs and floral motifs on the sides of the portal and the two panels on the right pilaster, depicting St. Peter Martyr.