Italy Verona Scaliger Tombs

The Scaliger Tombs, located in the historical center of Verona, are a monumental funerary complex in the Gothic style of the family of the Scala family, intended to hold the arches (or tombs) of some members of the family, including the most important Lord of Verona, Cangrande, to which Dante dedicates the Paradiso. They are located next to the church of Santa Maria Antica, near the Piazza dei Signori, and were built in the fourteenth century by various sculptors. Entering from Piazza dei Signori there is the tomb of Mastino I della Scala, with a simple sarcophagus recalling the Roman use. Just ahead there is the tomb of Alberto I della Scala, which is richly storied, architecturally repeating the one of Mastino I. Near the outer wall there are also three simple graves, belonging to Bartholomew I, Cangrande II and Bartholomew II della Scala. Above the side door of Santa Maria Antica there is the magnificent Ark of Cangrande I, the biggest Lord of Verona. The sarcophagus is supported by four dogs with the Scala crest. Above the sarcophagus there is a statue of Cangrande. Then there is the tomb of Mastino II della Scala: his coffin is built on four pillars, and his statue lies above it. At the top of the ark ther is his equestrian. Finally, the last ark, belongs to Cansignorio della Scala, and is the most rich.