Italy Viticuso Sanctuary of St. Antonino

Is the oldest church of Viticuso (under the symbol of the Benedictine there is a date of 1003). It was built by the Benedictines of Monte Cassino, although it was part of the Diocese of Venafro, and due to this fact it is supposed that it was used as a place of observation, since it marks the boundary between the territory of Monte Cassino and the County of Venafro. Then it has become a chapel, since it was inhabited by a religious order. Some sources indicate that this chapel was dedicated to St. Christopher, and the reasons why St. Antonino became the patron saint of Viticuso is still unknown. According to some legends, St. Antonino was phisically present in Viticuso, coming from Venafro, and it seems that on this occasion he was particularly tired and fatigued, perhaps because chased the robbers, and sat on a stone then chosed as his abode. The present structure dates back to 1898, as engraved on the lintel of the central door, but in 1945 there were important renovations to repair the war damages.