Nebozizek - lift station

The building stands on the hillside of Petřín hill, situated directly in the historical centre of Prague. It is easy to get to the Lesser Town, the Charles Bridge, the Prague castle and the Petřín observation tower with a pleasant stroll through the Petřín park. It is possible to make the return trip up the hill to Nebozízek considerably easier by taking the funicular railway, whose middle station is located directly next to the hotel and which operates daily from 9:15 until 11:20. The original name "na Nebozezu" originated from the vineyard of the same name that was previously located here and comes from the shape of the serpentine path that passed by and led to the Church of Saint Lawrence. A building, probably a wine press, already stood on the site of the current building in the 15th century. The current building was built at the end of the seventeenth century as a summer home by the aristocrat Karel Maxmilián Lažanský, a free lord in Bukov and Manětín. In 1809 a Prague printer named Bohumil Haase became the owner of Nebozízek and he established a restaurant which he named Hasenburg.. The funicular has been running to the top of the Petřín hill since 1891. It originally used a unique “water” propulsion system: a tank under the passengers was filled up with water in the upper station and it pulled a second carriage, connected by a cable running through a gear in the upper station, up the railway with its weight. The water was simply drained out at the bottom. The funicular was eventually converted to electric drive in 1932 and then completely reconstructed in 1985 to its present form.

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