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Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague



Tel.: +420 221 776 300

Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague
Jakubska 649/8, 110 00 Prague 1, CZ

Prague > Old Town

Categories: 5 star hotels, Accommodation, Hotels

Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague, located in the vibrant heart of Prague close to the Old Town Square, strives to exceed the highest standards of a five star hotel while enhancing every guest’s stay with a lifestyle atmosphere which caters to absolutely all senses, in a pure Buddha-Bar style. The Buddha-Bar Hotel goes beyond expectations to ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating experience through its signature designs, contemporary Asian-Colonial inspired atmospheres, culinary fusion delights and highly personalized services. Indulge yourself with Buddhattitude Spa signature treatments, enjoy a unique evening in the Buddha-Bar Restaurant, a lunch at the Siddharta Café or just relax in the soothing comfort of your room, the Buddha-Bar Hotel creates the perfect environment for a memorable experience.

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